Will it be another white wash….

Although India has achieved an unaccessible lead of 4-0 in a series of five

He will surely be hoping to end their losing streak by beating India in the final ODI.

one day internationals but they will surely be hoping to end this season without losing a match on their soil.

On the other hand, New Zealand was just about to end their losing streak in the 4th one day but Yousaf changed the script and took India to yet another victory. New Zealand has not won a single match since 10th August.

New Zealand surely changed their approach during 4th ODI coming out more positive, batting sensibly and starting their bowling much more effectively picking up some crucial early wicket.

No doubt, Kiwi’s will be hoping to continue their positive approach and beat India to provide their fans something to cheer about.

Every thing has worked absolutely fine for India, they don’t need to do anything extra ordinary, they just need to continue playing as they are.

I am also hoping that umpiring standard will improve in the last match and hopefully we will not see any more blunders from umpires.

Final match will be played tomorrow at Chennai.


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